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Cozumel Trip Jan 2024

Helena COMMENTS 22 Jan, 2024


It was a very busy and fun week for us in Cozumel. 

The weather was pleasant, the diving was beautiful and the group was outstanding.  We encountered Spotted Eagle Rays on almost every dive--the most I've seen on any of the many trips I've taken to Cozumel. 

We did the special dive at Spotted Eagle Ray Wall (La Cantarel) where the Eagles Rays are known to congregate this time of year.  We ventured over to Playa Del Carmen and traveled into the jungle to experience diving in Cenote Dos Ojos. 

We went downtown and had a fun night out at Wet Wendy's in San Miguel where we ate, danced, and had lots of fun.  We have some newly certified specialty divers for Advanced Open Water, Drift, Underwater Photography, and Enriched Air.   

Our non-divers enjoyed the pools and beach; went shopping and even came with us to cenote!  Yes, it was busy but a very successful and fun trip to Cozumel.  We're going back in August to visit with Whale Sharks.  

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