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Psi/pci Course With The Nypd Scuba Team

Equipment Helena COMMENTS 15 Mar, 2019

 NYPD Scuba Team had us teach their PSI/ PCI course this week. 

Here is a little about them from a S.O.R.T.I.E issue.


The New York City Police Department (NYPD) Scuba Team presides over one of the toughest environments in the world- over 500 miles around and under the waters of urban New York City. The Scuba Team, which is a sub-unit of the NYPD Harbor Patrol, was created in 1966, with six divers. Before then, the NYPD had to bring in outside commercial contractors to perform underwater operations. This was a problem, however, because commercial divers are not trained in evidence handling or court testimony.

The NYPD Scuba Team now has 28 members, ranging from ages twenty-four to forty-five. The Team is comprised of one lieutenant, three sergeants, three detectives, and twenty four police officers. It is a team which has exceptional longevity and camaraderie. Many of the current members have been on the Team for fifteen years or more, and, although they receive no additional pay for the physically demanding underwater work they do, they all take pride in being part of the elite corps. Since 1968, fewer than 100 candidates have been accepted on the team, although several thousand have applied.

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