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New Product Alert!

Equipment Helena COMMENTS 14 Aug, 2021


New Product Alert!

The T25 Anniversary Regulator Representing 25 years of breakthroughs and breaking rules, the Atomic Aquatics T25 limited-edition anniversary regulator is a highly evolved version of the iconic T3 alltitanium regulator. To achieve the T25’s unparalleled durability and performance, we started with solid bars of titanium alloy and precision machined them to our super-elite specs. But we didn’t stop there. To achieve radical durability, we plated the T25’s machined body with a new, proprietary diamond-like hardness coating (DLC). The result is a “burnt titanium” that’s stunningly beautiful, ultra durable and 100% unique. In fact, with its rainbow-like burnt titanium finish, each T25 is highly exclusive—and no two regulators will share the same appearance. Come see this product in our store. 

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