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EQUIPMENT Help with all of your equipment needs…

Buying New Gear

We offer a full line of Scuba Diving Gear from the best Dive Manufacturers in the business.  With over 30 years retail, our knowledgeable staff is ready and available to serve you. When buying gear from us, you get an oportunity to jump in our heated pool to put them to the test. Fine tune your gear to become a better diver. 


Blue Water Divers’ expert technicians are fully trained and equipped to perform service and repairs to whatever scuba equipment you have. Our services are performed at the highest level of quality and our prices are very competitive, giving you safety at an affordable price. Give us a call and put us to the test.

Personal Equipment

We can repair and maintain BCDs, computers and regulators from all manufacturers.

Exposure Protection

We can repair tears and leaks in wetsuits and drysuits from all manufacturers, plus we are the only authorized DUI drysuit repair center in the area.


90% of cylinder accidents happen at the fill station. We can provide the regular inspections required to meet Federal requirements and manufacturer guidelines to ensure safety with your tanks, including Visual, Eddy current and Hydrostatic testing.

As well as regular air, our technicians have the training and equipment required to provide fills of any percentage of mixed gases for your recreational and technical diving needs.


Blue Water Divers has a full range of equipment in a variety of sizes available for rent, including…

  • Buoyancy Control Devices
  • Dry suits
  • Computers
  • Regulators
  • 7mm farmer-john style wetsuits for local diving
  • Hoods
  • Tanks, from pony bottles with regulators all the way to aluminum 80s and steel 120s
All of our rental equipment is available either individually or as part of a package. Prices are calculated either daily, by the weekend or a full week. Don’t be held captive at your destination – save money by renting from us before you go on vacation!


Whether you prefer to shop online or in the store, the staff at Blue Water Divers can help you choose equipment that will be suitable for the types or diving that you enjoy. We are authorized dealers for a wide range of manufacturers for any equipment you need from BCDs, computers and rebreathers to slates, weights and tanks!