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Lorraine and Sal, you guys were wonderful hosts and we appreciate all the time and help you gave us to make sure we were safe and had a great time. We felt very good about the whole trip. We will stop by this week as to drop off a token of our appreciation. The kids had a blast and as luxurious as Curacao was, the island also had enough hardship for the kids to see what most of the world is really like... Lots of love and thanks again for everything.

Paul McKeon,NJ


Thank you Sal and Lorraine! Sal, I was sad to have missed saying goodbye to you. Words cannot really express how deeply grateful to you I am for your caring presence and watchful eye this past week. Because I knew you were "behind us" and Lorraine in front and beside us while diving, I was eventually able to relax and let go of some feelings of deep fear and panic for my kids and myself. The trip was a huge success in that we will dive again...maybe even as soon as April. I think the more we dive, the less I will worry and the more we will all be able to simply experience the magic of the ocean. Lorraine, I smile every time I think of your description of you and Miranda on our first few dives where you felt like she was your baby whale swimming so close to your sides. How blessed we were to have such an amazingly calm and competent mama-whale and teacher for our first dives. I appreciated your grounding presence and easy going nature, the way you handled Miranda's tears underwater, my tears over Miranda's tears and my own neurosis, Sam's occasional attitude, and Paul's overall sloth-like pace. Miranda said after we had just finished chatting with you at breakfast one morning..."Mom, she is so normal". "Normal" is Miranda's highest complement. She reads people well and knows that most of us are a little crazy. The continuity from the pool at BWD to the ocean in Curacao was seamless. A huge thanks to the whole dive party at BWD...Dave and Lorraine, Sal and Adam, and Rae for suiting us up! I will be stopping in shortly to return equipment and say hello!

Jill McKeon, NJ


You guys rock. I've been out of the water for the past couple years so aching to get back in. Hope to make one of the trips. Pete

Peter, McKeegan, NJ